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Don’t forget to wear RED tomorrow!
September 8th International Literacy Day!
Day 3: Something useful. I made fun of these oils for a while. But I have to admit I got a few great nights of sleep after using this. Skipped the last few nights and paid for it. So I’m starting back tonight. #RBSMchallenge #doterra #sleep
Day 2: Something older than you. This clock/doorbell in our house is definitely older than me. #RBSMchallenge
Day 1: Pray for someone. I broke this back out to wear to remind me to pray every time I see it. Praying especially for my mom right now. She is the most loving person I know. I also have a friend that I will keep praying for as well.  #RBSMchallenge
Rockbridge Student Ministry 27 Day Social Media Challenge


“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”

12. August 2014

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